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Golden drill tungsten steel lathe needle is made of high toughness and micro-particle tungsten steel, which absorbs advanced technology from Europe and America, international advanced numerical control machine tools, strict production monitoring and inspection, and combines with the actual clinical needs. Gold drill tungsten steel needle whole manufacturing seamless, high concentric and no beating,fine teeth, precise grinding, strong and durable; gold drill tungsten steel needle manufacturing, independent brand, to create a world-famous brand.

Tungsten steel lathe needle has three designs: flat edge, sawtooth edge and cross edge according to clinical needs and international general standards; flat edge lathe needle has lower cutting efficiency, durability and better surface smoothness after cutting; sawtooth edge lathe needle has high cutting efficiency, but its service life is short, and the surface finish after cutting is worse than that of the former. Used for cutting metal, extremely sharp, durable.

Inverted cone drill is one of the most commonly used products among dentists. Its hardness is 90.5 and flexural strength is 2850. So it has sharp edge, high concentricity, durability and stability, and pulp opening speed is extremely fast and stable. Moreover, after the pulp is uncovered, the cavity type can be prepared without changing the needle, and the tooth body can be cut. Therefore, many dentists like the gold drill brand inverted cone drill.

Only when the inverted cone drill is used correctly can its service life be prolonged. When using inverted cone drills, they must be used strictly according to the instructions. Otherwise, slippery needle and broken needle will occur. In the process of cutting teeth, light force should be used, and the weight of the mobile phone can be used to exert force, such as pulling, pushing and intermittent cutting.

Inverted cone drill is mainly used for hole preparation, hole bottom dressing and preparation of retention type. It can also be used in industry.

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